Betsy McPhersonCreating memories through photographs has been a lifelong passion. As a young girl, I took endless snapshots with my friends. Then in highschool, I was given a 1975 Minolta, all manual film camera, and I fell in love. In love with learning how to manipulate the images. In love with developing the film and spending endless nights in the darkroom. Mostly, in love with the way it allowed me to finally capture the light.

I am a lover of light…all light! Photography has become my way of sharing the light with others.  Not only the light from my environment, but the light that each person exudes.

When I am not chasing the light, you will find me sharing a good bottle of wine and delicious food with my friends. Turning off my phone, turning up some music and chopping vegetables is one of my happiest places. I will always write real letters and read real books. Taking a long walk,with my rambunctious pup, wraps up most of my days.

I believe in the importance of family, of friends, and of love.  I am a daughter, a sister, and an Aunt Bets to many little ones. I know working closely with families is a privilege.
I am excited to work with yours.